The ultimate guide to gyms in Panama City for digital nomads


This guide is focused on free fitness, instead of boxing, group classes, yoga, and other things which may be related to fitness. Do you want a guide for anything not related to free fitness, then make sure to request this at

1. Power Club

They have multiple locations. You can visit all of them with a subscription.


$15 per time, or
$75 per month, or
$550 per year

2. Smart Fit

They have multiple locations. You can visit all of them with a special yearly subscription only. With a monthly subscription, you are allowed to go to only 1 gym.


$69.90 - 168.90 per month (pay $89 extra at the third month), or
$69.90 - 79.90 per month (yearly commitment)

3. Robert's Gym Panama

Great location in the city center, with an amazing and flexible price of just 3 dollars for each time you visit.


$3 per time

4. The Lab Panama

Great location, but more a facility if you need personal training rather than a gym for free fitness. The price is quite high for free fitness only.


$101.65 per month

5. Majestic Gym

Located at the city center. Affordable prices. Pay only 5 dollars for one time or 10 dollars for one time including personal training. Or go for a monthly subscription of 35 dollars free training or 120 dollars with personal training.


$5 per time, or
$10 per time with personal training, or
$35 per month, or
$120 per month with personal training

6. Reys Boxing Gym

Located just outside the city center. Focused on boxing, but free fitness is available as wel for acceptable rates.


$30 per month, or
$150 per month for personal training

7. Vfit Health and Training Center Panama

Located just outside the city center. Affordable prices, but no option for a 1 month subscription, so not suitable for short stays.


$80.25 per 3 months, or
$385.20 per year

8. Planet Fitness

They have multiple locations. It is cheap, but also far from the city center.


$8.99 per 2 weeks, or
$12.99 per 2 weeks with extra benefits (yearly commitment)

9. Gym OlympusFit507 Panama

Because the gym is far from the city center, this club make it to the bottom of this list.


$5 per time, or
$25 - 30 per month

Article last updated: December 23, 2021

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